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Studying Abroad: 10 Things to do in your new country

Government masters/MBA loans in England

How much can I borrow?  For courses starting in 2022/23, postgraduate students will receive a loan of £11,836 towards tuition fees. You can choose how much you want to borrow, up to the maximum amount. The loan is not means-tested, therefore the amount you receive does not depend on your financial situation.  Does the value … Read more

Commercial bank loans for MBA students

Many traditional financial institutions will offer personal loans to MBA students. These are most likely to be offered to those with a good credit rating and who are studying on a part-time basis, and thus working whilst studying for their MBA. A student’s ability to make repayments makes them more attractive to banks. Unlike student … Read more

Information Related To MBA Loans

An MBA loan enables aspiring managers to pursue their goals and study for an MBA degree (Master of Business Administration). An MBA is regarded as a highly prestigious degree and is a significant investment in your future.  MBA degrees are generally considered eligible for the same funding options as any other masters-level degrees in the … Read more

Fund your future with a Prodigy Finance loan

Who is eligible for a Prodigy Finance loan? So far, Prodigy Finance has helped over 30,000 students fund their postgraduate studies, and maybe they can help you too! You are eligible for a Prodigy Finance loan if: 1. You plan to study abroad 2. You want to study at a school or institution supported by Prodigy Finance 3. You are from … Read more

Overview of York University 

Overview About York University York is a leading international teaching and research university in Toronto, Canada and a driving force for positive change. Its welcoming and diverse community of changemakers offers a uniquely global perspective and prepares students for long-term success. Together the university is making things right for communities, the planet, and the future.  … Read more

finance for Conestoga College 

How much will it cost? Average tuition fees per year  9,79,964 Undergraduate   9,72,681 Postgraduate   8,95,674 Vocational  Living costs  6,81,441 Living costs  5,15,685 To live on campusScholarships & funding The college offers a number of scholarships, bursaries or other funding opportunities to its students. Students are automatically considered for entrance and regional scholarships depending on a number … Read more

Conestoga College 

Overview About Conestoga College Nearly 1,000 business and community leaders offer input into the college’s curriculum. Conestoga’s project-based learning model gives students the opportunity to learn hands-on and prepare for successful careers in the fields of business and hospitality, engineering and IT, skilled trades, community services, health and life sciences, media and design.  Conestoga is … Read more