Did Kim Richards dance in Tuff Turf?

Did Kim Richards dance in Tuff Turf?

As a consequence, there’s a number of lengthy dance sequences in the film. The best (or worst depending on your opinion) is Kim Richards’ go for broke dance sequence. Watch it here.

Does James Spader sing in Tuff Turf?

James Spader is merely lip-synching during the piano sing; the song “We Walk the Night” is performed by Paul Carney, one of the sons of actor Art Carney. The original ending in the script had Morgan and Jimmy taking the SATs, and Morgan talking Frankie into taking them too, after she quips she isn’t smart enough.

What is Tuff Turf movie about?

The new guy (James Spader) in a Los Angeles high school does some singing and fights a hotshot (Paul Mones) over a disco dancer (Kim Richards).
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Where was Tuff Turf filmed?

Filming Locations of Chicago and Los Angeles: Tuff Turf.

What bands played in the movie Tuff Turf?

In Tuff Turf, Downey Jr. plays a drummer in a band – specifically the Jim Carroll Band. New York City was the birthplace of The Jim Carroll Band who are better known for the 1980 cult classic All The People Who Died.

When was Tuff Turf filmed?

Tuff Turf
Production companies New World Pictures Planet Productions
Distributed by New World Pictures
Release date January 11, 1985
Running time 112 minutes

Is Tuff Turf a good movie?

“Tuff Turf” is the worst teenage exploitation movie since “Where the Boys Are”. After an excruciatingly badly timed sequence where Spader’s bicycle is destroyed by the evil gang members, the movie rambles so badly that it’s hard to tell if this is a gang picture, a musical, a beach party film, or what.

What year was the movie Tuff Turf made?

January 11, 1985 (USA)
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Is David Bowie in Tuff Turf?

There are long, strange musical performances from a horrible band called Jack Mack and The Heart Attack (whose rendition of Green Onions sets the punk kids agog) and the soundtrack is also filled with songs from The Jim Carroll Band – with a seeming unending performance in the film from the very David Bowie-looking Jim …

Who is James Spader’s wife?

Victoria Spaderm. 1987–2004
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What year did the movie Tuff Turf come out?

What band was Jim Carroll in?

Catholic Boy (1980) is the debut album by The Jim Carroll Band, led by Jim Carroll, who is notable for publishing the 1978 memoir The Basketball Diaries, and poetry collections including Living at the Movies.

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