Did the B-25 have a tail gunner?

Did the B-25 have a tail gunner?

The waist guns posed as much of a danger to the B-25’s vertical tails and engine nacelles as they did to enemy fighters. The tail gunner manned the most useful position of all—the B-25 was one of the first bombers to have a tail gun.

How effective were B-17 gunners?

In the infamous “Black Thursday” raid of 14 October 1943, B-17 gunners claimed 288 German fighter aircraft kills whereas in actuality about 40 were shot down. Meantime 60 B-17’s were lost to all causes (including flak). Early B-17’s had weak nose armament as well, although this deficiency was quickly remedied.

Was the b17 Ball Turret retractable?

The B-24 had a tricycle landing gear. A fixed ball turret would have been crushed on takeoff and landing had it not been retracted. Since the B-17 was a tail dagger, the retractable ball turret was not necessary.

Can you shoot down a ball turret gunner?

You can destroy the fire bombing plane in 1 hit from a launcher. The ball turret gunner takes 3 hits from the bazooka, i’ve destroyed it with a bazooka several times. Nah it can be done, someone just posted a clip shooting one down.

Did the Lancaster have a belly gunner?

The Avro Lancaster was initially equipped with four Nash & Thompson Frazer Nash hydraulically operated turrets mounted in the nose, tail, mid-upper and underside. Early production Lancaster B Is were outfitted with a ventral gun turret position.

How much ammo did a b17 carry?

Additional armament included an additional dorsal turret in the radio room, a remotely operated and fired Bendix-built “chin turret” directly below the bombardier’s accommodation, and twin .50 in (12.7 mm) guns in each of the waist positions. The ammunition load was over 11,000 rounds.

Did the Germans have jet planes in World War II?

Germany was the only country to use jet-powered bombers operationally during the war. Rocket-powered aircraft are not included, nor are aircraft that only flew following the end of the war. Aircraft which were designed but not constructed are also excluded.

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