Do you need a passport for Bimini day cruise?

Do you need a passport for Bimini day cruise?

Miami (Port of Miami) to Bimini, Bahamas): All U.S. passengers traveling aboard the Bimini Fast Ferry from Miami to Bimini must have a valid passport or valid passport card, whether traveling for the day or staying overnight in Bimini.

How much is the Bimini ferry?

Ferry service directly to the resort in North Bimini is available for $8 per person each way.

How long is the ferry ride to Bimini?

2 hours
Yes, Balearia Caribbean operates the Fort Lauderdale Bimini ferry route connecting the United States with Bimini Islands (Bahamas). The crossing takes only 2 hours and Balearia operates up to 4 times weekly to Bimini by direct fast ferry.

How much does it cost to go from Miami to Bimini?

Our customers last bookings

Ft. Lauderdale Bimini
35 minutes by car from Miami
1 adult booked on January 30 travelling on February 10 $ 93,00 + tax $74,00
1 adult booked on January 31 travelling on February 26 to March 07 $ 204,00 + tax $56,00
2 adults booked on June 01 travelling on June 02 $ 186,00 + tax $148,00

Are there beaches in Bimini?

Most of Bimini’s beaches are found on the west side of North Bimini, the most popular of which is this long stretch of three contiguous beaches in Alice Town.

Is there a ferry from Ft Lauderdale to Bimini?

Is there ferry to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale? Yes, there is a ferry to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale that makes this crossing several times a week. Balearia Caribbean is the shipping company that makes this route.

Is Bimini expensive?

Bimini is incredibly affordable. Here’s how to plan your getaway. Arriving by seaplane or ferry, the Resorts World Bimini ($217 per night) is tucked away on its own corner of the island and offers three waterfront pools, a first-class spa, and a 10,000-square foot live action casino.

Is Bimini safe?

There is crime everywhere but Bimini is a very safe place to be. The locals are the best. Be sure to stop into Sherrys on the beach.

How much is a seaplane from Miami to Bimini?

Bimini is the most affordable seat on the airline’s scheduled flights, costing about $250 for a round-trip ticket, Patrick said. An eight-seat, roundtrip charter to Bimini is about $4,000, and that buys the ability to “leave whenever you want, with whomever you want, including the pets,” he said.

Can you swim with pigs in Bimini?

While on your tour to Bimini, take the plane a little further to the Exumas where you can see Pig Beach on Big Major Cay (Pig Island). Other places around the country have imported pigs to beaches to try to bring in tourist dollars, but the pigs at Big Major Cay are the original Bahamas swimming pigs.

What language do they speak in Bimini?

Bahamian Creole

Bahamian dialect
Native to Bahamas
Native speakers 400,000 (2017)
Language family English Atlantic Eastern Northern (Bahamian–Gullah) Bahamian dialect
Language codes

Is there a ferry from Florida to Bimini?

The Balearia Caribbean’s route by ferry to Bimini from Fort Lauderdale connects Florida (United States) with Bimini. Balearia is the only ferry company that opperates the route Fort Lauderdale – Bimini….from the 02nd of May 2021. to 31st of December, 2021.

Freeport Bimini
03:30 pm 05:30 pm *
05:00 pm 07:00 pm **

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