Does heavy artillery affect Bowguns?

Does heavy artillery affect Bowguns?

Artillery affects gunlance Wyvern fire and Bowgun Wyvern Ammo as well. However, it does not affect Cluster Ammo.

Does heavy artillery stack?

Yes, Felyne Bombadier stacks with Artillery Expert. Anyone that says otherwise is wrong.

Does artillery affect Wyvernsnipe?

As far as I’ve seen and heard artillery does not affect wyvernsnipe. Special ammo does however. And you could if you wanted do wyvern snipe and maybe a wyvern ammo build. That would require obviously wyvern ammo materials for crafting and at least 3 piece xeno for QoL.

Does artillery affect LBG?

Artillery is for gunlance (Wyvern’s Fire) NOT lbg (Wyvernblast).

Does artillery increase blast damage?

Artillery armor skills do not increase blast. Felyne Pyro increases blast, and Bomb Boost (Bombardier) armor skill increases blast. And they Just increase the amount of status applied, making explosions more often, they don’t increase the damage.

Does artillery affect power element phials?

However, some elemental weapons have elemental phials. Artillery only affects the impact phials.

Does heavy artillery help charge blade?

Artillery. This is a key skill for hunters who prefer Impact Phials on their Charge Blades. This increase in impact phial damage also bolsters the Charge Blade’s Knock-Out efficiency, allowing hunters to potentially chain knock-outs depending on the monster.

Does heavy artillery affect sticky ammo?

The only thing artillery affects is sticky ammo and wyvern ammo.

What does artillery secret do MHW?

Raises the maximum level of the Artillery skill. Activates skill effect.

Does artillery affect elemental charge blade?

Artillery and Capacity Boost are pointless on an Elemental Charge Blade because Artillery does not affect Elemental Phials, and the whole point to Boost is to give more Phial explosions with larger boosts, which again, isn’t affected by Artillery.

What weapons use artillery MHW?

Increases the power of Ballista, Cannon, and Gunlance Ammo, Wyvern’s Fire, and Crag shots. Slightly increases the power of Ballista, Cannon, and Gunlance Ammo, Wyvern’s Fire, and Crag shots.

Does Bombardier affect sticky ammo?

Does Bombardier actually do anything for Cluster or is it just for Sticky? Nope, it only applies to bombs.

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