Does IIT Bombay hostels have AC?

Does IIT Bombay hostels have AC?

IIT students can look forward to some cool accommodation, as all new hostels will be centrally air-conditioned. IIT students can look forward to some cool accommodation, as all new hostels will be centrally air-conditioned.

Are girls allowed in boys hostel in Iitb?

HOSTEL ENTRY POLICY: Male/female students may enter and retain female/male guests in their room between 7 AM to 10 PM on all days barring special circumstances. However, when asked, the guest shall produce a valid identification and state the purpose of the visit.

Can a girl get single room in IIT Bombay?

All the girls get double room in 1st year to last year. All Boys from 2nd year are allotted single room.

Do IIT Bombay hostels have attached washroom?

No, there are no bathrooms attached to hostel rooms in IIT BHU. In fact, that is the case with most of the IITs. However, there are enough facilities available for the students in each hostel. Most of the hostels in IIT BHU have one bathroom per 10 students and that is more than sufficient in terms of availability.

Are girls allowed in IIT hostels?

Lady family members may be allowed to visit a student in his room with the permission of the Warden. Non-family lady visitors may be entertained by a student in the visitors’ room in the hostel from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Does IIT hostels have WIFI?

Students have unlimited free Internet access in their hostel rooms to help them in their studies, but many also use it to surf, chat, download movies and music, blog and for gaming. Gopalan said authorities at the other IITs were considering a similar curb in their hostels.

Is there ragging in IIT?

Ragging is rampant at IITs Now, all of the faculty, including deans of various IITs strictly prohibit ragging on the campuses. Now seniors may indulge in friendly ragging during the first few days of college in an effort to break the ice amongst the freshers.

Are there couples in IIT?

It is surprising how few casual relationships one finds in IITs. Most couples start out trying to be cool, try to play it casual and “not serious”.

Do girls get single room in IIT Guwahati?

IITG unlike its comrades provides single rooms for all boy residents, while two girls share a room.

Can boys go into girls hostel?

Girls’ hostel checks are, however, less in number compared to boys’ hostels. That is because boys aren’t allowed into girls hostels. They usually look for condoms and threaten to inform parents if a girl stays in a guy’s room.

Does IIT provide laptop?

A prototype of the laptops was distributed among IIT-B freshers for free while an upgraded version is being sold to schools and colleges in interior villages. So far 1600 laptops have been sold along with an additional order for 200 units, which are currently being manufactured.

Does IIT require laptop?

A survey conducted in IIT Bombay shows that nearly 80% of students were having a laptop in first year (and those who don’t, tend to borrow it from the college for a period of one semester). Subjects like computer science make it imperative that you own a laptop.

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