How much is a 10-foot jon boat?

How much is a 10-foot jon boat?

10 ft Jon boats can range in price from $700 to $800. 11 ft – 13 ft Jon boats usually cost from $850 to $1000.

How much weight can a 10 ft aluminum boat hold?

As boat length increases the weight capacity similarly increase, so with a 12 foot boat approximately 400 lbs can be safely contained and at 14 foot 400+ lbs. At 16 foot in length a Jon boat can usually hold about 1,000 lbs….10 foot Jon weight capacities.

Boat Capacity Dry weight
Smoker Craft 1032 290 lb 100 lb

How much does a 10 foot aluminum jon boat weigh?

10-foot aluminum Jon boats have an average dry hull weight of 95 pounds or 43 kgs. This average was calculated and based on the following models and manufactures.

What is the best boat for fishing?

There is little doubt that the Paddleski is the best boat that can be used for fishing. This small fishing boat is inflatable which makes it much more lightweight and easy to transport from fishing spot to fishing spot than a traditional boat. This small fishing boat can be inflated in under 10 minutes so setting it up is a breeze.

What is the best rowboat for exercise?

For most people, the best rowboat for exercise rowing is an ordinary canoe. More specifically, a tandem recreational or touring type canoe set up with a rowing system. And the best rowing system to use in that canoe is the FrontRowrer™ (which I just happen to make). Canoes make excellent rowing boats.

What is a small jon boat?

Jon boats are small, trailerable vessels generally used for activities such as freshwater fishing. These vessels can range in size, with the smallest current boat listed at 10 feet in length, to the longest vessel measuring in at 24 feet, and an average length of 17 feet.

What are Jon boats?

A jon boat (or johnboat) is a flat-bottomed boat constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood with one, two, or three bench seats. They are suitable for fishing and hunting.

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