What are the 40 figures of speech?

What are the 40 figures of speech?

Some common figures of speech are alliteration, anaphora, antimetabole, antithesis, apostrophe, assonance, hyperbole, irony, metonymy, onomatopoeia, paradox, personification, pun, simile, synecdoche, and understatement.

How many figures of speech are there in total?

Professor Robert DiYanni, in his book Literature: Reading Fiction, Poetry, Drama and the Essay wrote: “Rhetoricians have catalogued more than 250 different figures of speech, expressions or ways of using words in a nonliteral sense.”

What are the 50 figures of speech?

Figures of Speech

  • Alliteration. The repetition of an initial consonant sound.
  • Allusion. The act of alluding is to make indirect reference.
  • Anaphora. The repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses or verses.
  • Antaclasis.
  • Anticlimax.
  • Antiphrasis.
  • Antithesis.
  • Apostrophe.

What are the 25 figures of speech?

Types of figures of Speech

  • SIMILE. In simile two unlike things are explicitly compared.
  • METAPHOR. It is an informal or implied simile in which words like, as, so are omitted.

What are the 100 figures of speech?

100 figures of speech with examples

  • Figure of Speech.
  • Simile.
  • Metaphor.
  • Personification.
  • Hyperbole.
  • Onomatopoeia.
  • Idiom.
  • Proverb.

What are the 250 figures of speech?

What are figures of speech and their examples?

Some examples of common figures of speech include the simile, metaphor, pun, personification, hyperbole, understatement, paradox and oxymoron. However, these are just some figures of speech. Whenever a speaker does not intend the literal interpretation of his words, then he is using a figure of speech.

What are figures of speech with three examples?

When dissolving like soap in water. (Smile)

  • John is a goat. (Metaphor)
  • A rain starts or thinner,then look at the joy in the soil,the birds told me that you are going to distant lands.
  • The wave of the sea did not go as far as my heart.
  • Can you hear the clicks coming from the roof?
  • The monkey ate the beans in his hand.
  • What are the different types of figures of speech?

    In European languages figures of speech are generally classified in five major categories: (1) figures of resemblance or relationship (e.g., simile, metaphor, kenning, conceit, parallelism, personification, metonymy, synecdoche, and euphemism); (2) figures of emphasis or understatement (e.g., hyperbole, litotes, rhetorical question, antithesis,

    What are eight figures of speech?

    See Figures of Speech. Common Figures of Speech (With Examples): Alliteration, Anaphora, Antimetabole, Antithesis, Apostrophe, Assonance, Hyperbole, Irony, Metaphor, Metonymy, Onomatopoeia, Paradox, Personification, Pun, Simile, Synecdoche, Understatement. Just a Figure of Speech: The Lighter Side. – Mr. Burns: Break a leg, everyone.

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