What cranks have a 24mm spindle?

What cranks have a 24mm spindle?

Shimano HollowTech II
Crankset Standards

Crankset Spindle Diameter Bearings
Shimano HollowTech II 24mm 24×37 (Drive) 24×37 (Non-Drive)
GXP 24mm/22mm 24×37 (Drive) 22×37 (Non-Drive)
SRAM DUB 29mm 29×42
BB30 30mm 6806 (Drive) 6806 (Non-Drive)

How do you know what size spindle to get?

The best way to find out which spindle length you need is by looking up the specs. (The alternative is trial and error…) Spindle length and the resulting chainline have some leeway. If you are within 2-3 mm of the “correct” 43.5 mm or 45 mm, you are doing quite well.

Are all Shimano cranks 24mm?

For cranks, Shimano has always stuck to 24mm axles. SRAM produces 30mm and 24mm (called GXP) versions of their cranks, and most smaller brands focused on ultimate performance (THM for example but also RaceFace) only produce 30mm cranks.

How do I know what size my crankset is?

The crank length represents the distance between the centre of the bottom bracket and the centre of the pedal axis. The most common lengths are 170, 172.5 and 175 mm, but it is possible to find cranks between 165 and 180 mm in the market.

Can I use Shimano bottom bracket with SRAM crankset?

You can easily adapt a Shimano BB to GXP with the use of a spacer on the 22mm side. If you do indeed have a SRAM GXP press fit BB, then you can’t adapt that to a Shimano crankset. You would need to have someone press out the BB and install a new one to make the Shimano crankset work.

What is the standard spindle size?

The modern industry standard cross-section thickness size of a door handle spindle is 8mm (5/16″) square. This size has become the standard size for modern spindles. It should be noted however; spindles and followers were not always standardized to 8mm.

What is an 84 spindle?

This is a Weld in Trailer Spindle that will accommodate a 3500 lb Straight Trailer axle Beam and corresponding wheel bearings. This Spindle is referred to as a #84 Spindle, using a 1 3/8″ ID Inner Wheel Bearing and a 1 1/16″ ID Outer Wheel Bearing. Additionally, this Spindle uses the standard 1.72″ ID Seal Surface.

What is spindle length?

Spindles are also specified by spindle length, which is simply the length end-to-end. As an example, a particular bottom bracket may be specified with a 47.5mm chainline, and a 113 spindle length. A crank arm designed for use with this spindle will have the middle of the crankset 47.5mm from the bike center line.

What is chainring size?

The size of a chainring (often expressed in terms of the amount of teeth on it, e.g. a 53t ring) plays a direct role in your bike’s gearing, with bigger rings meaning a higher (harder to push) gear and smaller rings a lower (easier to push) gear.

What are the different sizes of spindle cranks?

24mm Spindle Crank (Shimano HollowTech II, etc.): 22mm/24mm Spindle Cranks (SRAM / Truvativ GXP): 29mm Spindle Cranks: 30mm Spindle Cranks:

What is a 24mm spindle?

This standard was originally designed by Shimano utilizing a 24mm spindle, then Sram came along to make the same thing also intending use of a 24mm spindle which they like to call their GXP spindle, that is 24mm/ 22mm stepped. (Not to be confused with their BB30 spindle which is 30mm in diameter).

Do external Bottom brackets exist for 30mm spindles?

External bottom brackets for 30mm spindles do exist, such as those from White Industries, allowing modern 30mm-diameter axle cranks to be used. Shimano popularised the concept as Hollowtech II, with the introduction of the XTR M960 group in 2003 — even now it’s still arguably the gold standard for bottom brackets.

What is the diameter of the spindle on the spindle?

Spindle diameter is 24mm on the drive side, and 22mm on the non-drive side where the splines are. The crank slides completely through a 24×37 drive side bearing and stops against a 22×37 non drive side bearing.

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