What is the name of the plant with purple flowers?

What is the name of the plant with purple flowers?

20 plants with purple flowers

  • Teasel.
  • Sweet rocket.
  • Alliums.
  • Salvias.
  • Catmint.
  • Verbena bonariensis.
  • Clematis.
  • Wisteria.

What plant has tiny purple flowers?

Verbena is a beautiful plant that produces small purple blooms all summer long….The flowers are frequently used in floral arrangements, however this flower is also lovely when dried.

  • Plant in full sun.
  • Needs moist, well-drained soil.
  • Grows in zones 9-11.

What is the bush with blue flowers called?

A garden favourite, Ceanothus is a lovely, easy to grow evergreen shrub with stunning blue flowers as shown in the images. Ceanothus looks fantastic when in full bloom, a beautiful blue cloud.

What is the bush that looks like lavender?

Salvia azurea, also known as pitcher sage, blue sage and prairie sage, has similar height, width and growing conditions to lavender. In warmer climates, rosemary grows as tall as 6 to 8feet, with the same bushy habit and love of sunny, rocky soil as its fellow Mediterranean herb, lavender. ‘

What plant is tall with purple flowers?

If you’re looking for a North American native perennial with purple flowers, vervain is an excellent choice. The tall purple perennial flowers produced on these plants are real standouts in the garden. Topping out at 4 to 5 feet in height, sun-loving vervain is among the most underused purple-flowering perennials.

What can I plant with purple flowers?

For purple blooms all summer long, use clematis, balloon flower, lavender, blazing star and reblooming hydrangeas. End the season with bursts of purple asters, blue Vervain and globe thistle in the fall.

What is the name of the purple plant that looks like lavender?

One lavender look-alike is Salvia officinalis, sage or common sage, with grey foliage and blue-ish purple flowers. Like lavender, this sage is native to the Mediterranean and has a long list of culinary and medicinal uses. ‘Officinalis’ even refers to a plant with a long-established archive of medicinal value.

What purple flower looks like lavender?

Salvia pachyphylla. Salvia pachyphylla is a California native with lush clusters of lavender-purple flowers against evergreen silvery-green leaves. The fact that it comes from the Sunny state means that it’s resistant to heat and drought.

What shrub is purple?

Lilacs. The flower clusters of common lilac shrubs (Syringa vulgaris) are just as beautiful as those of wisteria, and their incredible fragrance may very well put them over the top as the best of the best shrubs with purple flowers. They do come in other colors, but purple lilacs are favored by many gardeners.

Are hydrangeas a bush?

Blooming in spring and summer, the hydrangea is considered a shrub. You’ll find hydrangeas growing in hardiness Zones 3 to 7 as perennials. With flowers starting in spring and often last throughout summer into early fall, hydrangea flowers can be the foundation plant of your landscape.

Which tree has beautiful purple flowers that makes it an ornamental plant?

Lagerstroemia speciosa (Pride of India): The showy purplish or mauve flowers are borne in about 30 cm long panicles at the end of all branches of the tree during April-May & July-August.

What flower looks like lavender but isn t?

One such plant that looks like lavender but isn’t is the purple giant hyssop (Agastache rugosa, which grows in zones 4 to 8). You can tell the difference between the purple giant hyssop and lavender by comparing height. The hyssop is a bit taller than English lavender at about 4 feet tall.

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