What songs did 38 Special have?

What songs did 38 Special have?

Track listing

No. Title Original Album
1. “Back to Paradise” (new song) Theme from Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise
2. “Hold On Loosely” Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
3. “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, October 31, 1986) Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
4. “If I’d Been The One” Tour de Force

Why did Donnie Van Zant leave 38 Special?

In accordance with his doctor’s strict orders and due to health issues related to inner-ear nerve damage, he will not be able to join 38 Special onstage in the foreseeable future.

What songs are in the last of us 2?

The Last of Us 2 Soundtrack | Full Song List

  • Ain’t No Grave | Claude Ely (Performed by Crooked Still)
  • Ecstasy | Crooked Still.
  • Future Days | Eddie Jerome Vedder.
  • Hydrogen | M.O.O.N.
  • It Was a Good Day | Ice Cube.
  • Little Sadie | Crooked Still.
  • Mountain Jumper | Crooked Still.
  • Railroad Bill | Crooked Still.

Who sang Hold On Loosely 38 Special?

38 Special
Hold on Loosely/Artists

What is 38’s biggest hit?

However, “Second Chance,” became the band’s biggest hit of their career. The song reached all the way to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Music charts and No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary charts.

What kind of music does 38 Special play?

Southern rock
38 Special (band)

.38 Special
Origin Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Genres Southern rock, hard rock, classic rock, arena rock, country rock, blues rock
Years active 1974–present
Labels A&M

Is Don Barnes still with 38 Special?

Barnes rejoined 38 Special in 1992 and has remained with them ever since. As of 2021, he is the only original member still with the band. His solo album was released on June 30, 2017, on MelodicRock Records….

Don Barnes
Years active 1974–present
Associated acts 38 Special

What song plays after Joel dies?

What is the secret? The 1.05 update only went live on Thursday, but Twitter user @BeingHuman1993 discovered that if the player beats the game on Grounded mode — which makes enemies deadlier and resources very scarce — they’ll hear Joel sing Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” in its entirety over the credits.

Who wrote most of 38 Special songs?

Jim Peterik
Jim Peterik dealt with a lot of resentment from his own band, Survivor, due to him writing most of 38 Special songs.

Who wrote most of 38 special songs?

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