What stats do sub rogues need?

What stats do sub rogues need?

The general single-target stat priority for a Subtlety Rogue is:

  • Versatility;
  • Critical Strike;
  • Haste;
  • Mastery.

Are sub rogues good in PvP?

Relative to other specs, it is an advanced spec to play in PvP. Subtlety has a playstyle that is both very proactive and reactive. While there are no set rotations for any spec in PvP, this is especially true for Subtlety Rogues.

What is the best PvP spec for rogue?

Assassination has the highest sustained DPS of all of the Rogue specs in PvP thanks to the consistent damage output from your bleeds/poisons.

Which PvP trinkets for rogue?

Recommended Trinkets

  • Unchained Gladiator’s Medallion is a mandatory trinket to have equipped at all times. This allows you to remove any crowd control on yourself.
  • Unchained Gladiator’s Shackles, the new PvP trinket added with Patch 9.1, is a very solid choice.

Does sub Rogue need haste?

Stat Priorities Critical Strike and Versatility are our two best secondary stats for single target damage, and while some Haste is good, it is not desirable in larger amounts.

Which rogue spec is best for PvP?

Do you use rupture as sub rogue?

Against up to 4 targets, you can apply Rupture to other targets if they are going to live for most of its duration. However, this is only worth doing outside of Symbols of Death/ Shadow Dance windows and if you want to maximize on priority damage, you should not apply it on targets beside your main one anyway.

What is the best stat for subtlety Rogue in PvP?

Stat Priority for Subtlety Rogues in PvP. The stat priority for Subtlety Rogue in PvP is as follows: Agility; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike; Haste. Agility is the best stat in all situations. Versatility is the strong secondary stat at all times, due to it increasing your damage and reducing the damage you take.

What is the playstyle for subtlety Rogue?

Playstyle for Subtlety Rogues. The Subtlety Rogue has two roles in PvP: control the enemy team with relentless mobility and crowd control and having strong sustained damage outside of burst cooldowns. Although Subtlety Rogues lack offensive cooldowns, they make up for it with the strongest control in the game.

Is subtlety Rogue Good battle for Azeroth?

Subtlety has not received significant changes in Battle for Azeroth. Subtlety Rogues continue to provide competitive single-target damage, but it now brings respectable AoE to the table as well. Much of the rotation involves actively shifting between two stances, in and out of Stealth.

Is there a guide for PvP?

The guide will cover everything from talent choices, PvP talents, gameplay and rotation, and useful racial bonuses. It is most applicable to Arena content, but most talents and racial bonuses will work in Rated Battlegrounds and skirmishes. If you were looking for WoW Classic content, please refer to our Classic Rogue PvP guide.


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