where is archer and olive located

What country is Archer and Olive?

Archer and Olive Australia | 160gsm Dotted Notebooks | Paper Kooka.

Is Archer and olive Australia?

Jase’s Books is an Australian stockist of Archer & Olive dot-grid bullet journals and notebooks. We also ship to New Zealand and worldwide.

How fast is Archer and olive shipping?

We ship orders daily. Orders placed before noon will go out the same day. Free Domestic shipping takes 2-5 days. International shipping takes between 2-6 weeks.

Who owns Archer and Olive?

That person is Bonny Kuhl. The founder of Archer and Olive. For over 15 years Bonnie has been creating and painting beautiful floral designs and leafy elements.

Are olive notebooks worth it Archer?

Good for journaling – but ink feathers badly

Overall, Archer & Olive performed pretty well on the pen test. If you plan to just use normal journaling pens , you’ll be very happy with the paper in this notebook. BUT, if you plan to use your fountain pens on this paper… you might want to think again.

What is Archer and Olive?

Welcome to A&O

At Archer & Olive, we create handcrafted journals and planners that help you plan your days with intention, improve your mental health, and carve time out for creativity.

How do you use Acrylograph pens?

Does Archer and olive have a Black Friday sale?

Black Friday Sale now on! 45% off at checkout! New!

Are Archer and Olive bullet journals worth it?

Final Thoughts. If you are interested in bullet journaling, writing, planning, or memory keeping, I would highly recommend an Archer & Olive notebook. While they are not at the cheapest price point for notebooks, the quality of paper and cover is worth it, in my opinion.

How many pages do Archer and Olive notebooks have?

The standard Archer and Olive notebook (both A5 and B5) has 160 pages, but because of the binding, you might lose a page at the end and at the beginning.

Is Archer and Olive eco friendly?

Bound by hand with superior craftsmanship, our dot grid journals will give you the confidence and flexibility to intentionally design your days and organize your to-do lists. All of our journals come with an ampersand charm, a perfect pocket in the back, and are shipped out in a beautiful eco-friendly protective box.

Is Archer and olive available in India?

We are proud to present Archer & Olive BLACKOUT! books to India – for the first time ever! With black, ultra thick 160gsm pages, you can bullet journal in this BLACKOUT dot grid notebook with ease since there’s no ghosting or bleeding. Perfect for gel pens, or even paint!

What size are Archer and olive journals?

Anecdote Lined Journal Notebook. Hard Cover, Ruled, Thick 100 gsm Paper, A5 size: 8.3 inches x 5.4 inches. Use for School, Office, Home or Business.

How do you do a bullet Journal for beginners?

Bullet Journaling for Beginners: 8 Steps to Get Started

  1. Step 1: Adjust Your Mindset. …
  2. Step 2: Get a Journal and Writing Utensils. …
  3. Step 3: Start an Index Page. …
  4. Step 4: Create Logs. …
  5. Step 5: Pick Signifiers. …
  6. Step 6: Document Items with Collections. …
  7. Step 7: Make Time for It. …
  8. Step 8: Get Better, Gradually.

What is bullet point journaling?

Think of it as a next-level diary for not only writing but also drawing. Instead of blank, lined pages, a bullet journal (or BuJo, for short) contains sections to log daily to-dos, keep a monthly or weekly calendar, jot down notes, track both physiological and mental health, and record both short- and long-term goals.

where is archer and olive located
where is archer and olive located

What is an Acrylograph pen?

Acrylograph Pens are entirely new and not like anything you have ever used before. The pens contain a water-based acrylic ink which is perfectly opaque so can be used on white, black or kraft paper. … Decorate your page, doodle in the margins, and plan your days in style with the newest Acrylograph pens!

Can you paint in Archer and olive notebooks?

Painting, journaling, and planning go hand in hand for me. … Archer and Olive dot grid journals have thick pages, which make painting (and journaling) a breeze. Get inspired with these three ways you can add paint to your dot grid journal.

What do I need for journaling?

10 Materials Essential for Successful Visual Journals

  1. A Journal. It may go without saying, but a good journal is the best place to start. …
  2. Drawing Pens. Next on my list is a great set of drawing pens. …
  3. Graphite and an Eraser. …
  4. Colored Pencils. …
  5. Crayons. …
  6. A Watercolor Set. …
  7. Collage Materials. …
  8. Sewing Kit.

Are bullet journals a waste of time?

Bullet Journals were created to make things easier. If you follow the intent of the creator, then bullet journals are not a waste of time, but a time saver. Though like most things in life, there are other options if bullet journaling is not for you.

Is bullet journaling a hobby?

It’s a customizable hobby. The best thing about bullet journaling is that you can tailor it to fit your needs. One popular way that people customize their bujo is by creating habit trackers. … You can track habits that are important to you for a week, a month, or even a year.

Who invented bullet journaling?

Ryder Carroll
Ryder Carroll, the thirty-nine-year-old digital designer who invented the Bullet Journal, used to be a multiple-notebook person.Sep 7, 2019

What is the difference between a journal and a bullet journal?

For a diary, this works by taking time at the end of the day to write down what happened to you. By writing it down, you can reflect on what happened throughout the day and further process your emotions and the events through a different perspective. For a bullet journal, this works through rapid logging.

Why do journals have dotted pages?

Dotted paper gives you the freedom to get your thoughts down on paper in whatever way makes sense. Use the dots to create flow-charts to help you map out business plans or projects. Write sideways and upside down, or use thought bubbles and boxes to separate themes and ideas from each other.

Are bullet journals worth it?

Bullet journals have become popular for good reason—they can be a fun, useful, and effective way to organize, plan, and track your goals, projects, and to-dos. … With a cheap notebook, a pen, and some creativity, you can develop a rewarding planner that can help you track your progress and work toward your goals.

Do Acrylograph pens bleed through paper?

Let’s again look at Tombow Dual Brush Pens, when you layer them too much in your journal the pen starts picking up little bits of paper as well, but this never happens with the acrylograph pens. This also means that they will not bleed through any kind of paper, it will sit on top of it instead.

How do you blend Acrylograph?

Can you paint a bullet Journal cover?

If you do not own any acrylic paints, any heavy body paints (like gouache) work too. Just remember to seal them if they are water activated! This is another design that I did on a Archer and Olive B5 Signature Dot Grid Journal. I use a Uni Posca Paint Pen for the gold details.

How do you seal acrylic paint on a laptop?


  1. Make sure your acrylic painting is dry before applying the varnish sealer.
  2. Apply the first coat of varnish with a wide base coat brush. …
  3. Wait for the first coat to dry.
  4. Apply a second coat going the opposite direction of the first coat.
  5. Wait for the second coat to dry.

What makes gouache opaque?

Compared to watercolors, gouache has larger particles of pigment, and its particles are packed more tightly together. Large, tightly packed particles leave less space for light to slip through, and that’s what makes gouache opaque. Some manufacturers include a white chalk additive to further reduce transparency.

What materials do you need for bullet journaling?

Intro to Bullet Journaling: Supplies

  • Notebook. …
  • Another Notebook. …
  • Theme Ideas. …
  • Pens.
  • Brush pens for lettering or coloring – my favorites are Tombow’s Dual Brush pen and Zebra’s Mildliner brush pens. …
  • Ruler. …
  • Washi Tape. …
  • Paints.

What can you do with a bullet Journal?

Bullet journal tracker ideas

  1. Exercise.
  2. Food intake.
  3. Sleep tracker.
  4. Step tracker.
  5. Bills.
  6. Money expenditure.
  7. Books read or to read.
  8. Television time.

What can you do with a grid notebook?

5 Things You Can Do with Dot Grid Notebooks

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