Who in the poem says good fences make good Neighbours?

Who in the poem says good fences make good Neighbours?

Robert Frost’s

Do good fences really make good Neighbours?

Fence is necessary to keep the privacy of any land. It keeps out the intruders who may otherwise trespass onto the land. If neighbors move too freely with each other, there won’t be any privacy at all. …

Why do good fences make good neighbors in mending wall?

Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall” is about the barriers people put up between themselves and others. “Good fences make good neighbors” means that people will get along better if they establish boundaries. However, the speaker of the poem seems to suggest that such barriers are outdated and unnecessary.

Which lines from Mending Wall indicate that the neighbor is willing to participate?

We keep the wall between us as we go.” The indication that neighbor is willing to participate in mending the wall is seen through neighbors response to subjects call and their joined walk which keeps the wall as they go.

What is the main difference between Sandburg’s fog and Frost’s Mending Wall FOG uses everyday language while mending wall does not?

What is the main difference between Sandburg’s “Fog” and Frost’s “Mending Wall”? “Fog” uses everyday language, while “Mending Wall” does not. “Fog” uses metaphor, while “Mending Wall” does not. “Mending Wall” is in a modern format, while “Fog” is not.

What does Frost imply by the phrase like an old-stone savage armed?

In the poem “Mending Wall,” the term “old-stone savaged armed” is used to describe the neighbor. The speaker refers to the neighbor as an “old-stone savage armed” because he is old fashioned using primitive stones to build a primitive wall because his neighbor has a primitive mind.

Why the poet feel that his Neighbour is like a old-stone savage armed?

The speaker feels the animosity of his neighbor, although there are no harsh words spoken and no evidence that it exists; the neighbor’s very distant, almost dismissive nature irks the speaker and he describes his uncommunicative neighbor “like an old-stone savage armed…” because he feels the neighbor is much like a …

What does the speaker describe as just another outdoor game Mending Wall?

10. At one point in “Mending Wall,” the speaker describes his neighbor as: “an old-stone savage.”

What is the difference between the speaker and his Neighbour in the poem The Mending Wall?

The neighbor symbolizes those who follow the tradition of discrimination set by their forefathers. On the other hand, the speaker represents those who realize the futility of division, yet condone discrimination because they feel obligated to mend the long-standing wall.

Why do the hunters damage the wall?

According to the poet, it seems that hunters come by the wall during the winter and remove stones in order to flush rabbits out of their hiding places within the wall. By tearing down sections of the wall, the hunters destroy the rabbits’ hiding places, thus allowing their dogs to chase them more easily.

How do hunters disturb the stones on the wall?

Wind, snow and rain disturb the stones and make them fall. How do hunters disturb the stones on the wall? Answer: In order to force the rabbit out of its hiding place, the hunters disturb the stones.

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