Who sees Othello kill Desdemona?

Who sees Othello kill Desdemona?

Othello triumphantly admits to Emilia that he killed Desdemona, and when she asks him why, Othello tells her that Iago opened his eyes to Desdemona’s falsehood. Unfazed by Othello’s threat that she “were best” to remain silent, Emilia calls out for help, bringing Montano, Graziano, and Iago to the scene (V. ii. 168).

Why does Othello feel like he has to kill Desdemona?

No matter how Othello tries to rationalize his murder of Desdemona, it’s clear that his only motive for killing her is revenge, which is based solely on his all-consuming jealousy.

Why does Othello kill Desdemona who is responsible for that?

Othello for being too trusting, and trusting the wrong people, for example, Iago. He listens to Iago and eventually even adopts his nature and language. Roderigo for being gullible and too easily duped into Iago’s plans. These three Othello, Iago and Roderigo are the people who are responsible for Desdemona’s death.

What convince Othello that Desdemona is cheating?

Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is cheating and having an affair with Cassio first by manipulating Othello’s own insecurities. Second, in Cassio’s room, he plants a handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona, giving the impression that Desdemona had given the handkerchief to Cassio.

Why did Desdemona think her husband might be so angry?

desdemona said she did not do any of what othello was accusing her of. he is angry because iago promised him desdemona and he has gone broke by giving away all of his money and still has not gotten anything in return. he threatens iago by saying he will not work for him anymore and he challenges him to a duel.

Is Desdemona in love with Cassio?

Desdemona speaks with Cassio. Desdemona is a young Venetian noble woman who has secretly married Othello. She fell in love with him as she listened to stories of his adventures and chooses to go with him to Cyprus. She is friendly with Cassio and promises to help him get his job back when he loses it for fighting.

What kind of person is Desdemona?

133–134 ). The play, then, depicts Desdemona contradictorily as a self-effacing, faithful wife and as a bold, independent personality.

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