finance for Conestoga College 

How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year

 9,79,964 Undergraduate 

 9,72,681 Postgraduate 

 8,95,674 Vocational 

Living costs

 6,81,441 Living costs

 5,15,685 To live on campusScholarships & funding

The college offers a number of scholarships, bursaries or other funding opportunities to its students. Students are automatically considered for entrance and regional scholarships depending on a number of criteria which may include, but are not limited to, program of study, country of origin, or financial circumstances. 

Both entrance and regional awards are accessible to new students only. Applicants for these scholarships will be ranked and selected according to their previous academic performance, with the highest scorers being successful. All applicants will need to be full-time students at Conestoga college. In addition, to be eligible, students must continue to pay their deposits and fees by the due dates indicated in their acceptance letters. All international students are eligible for a number of entrance scholarships: 

  • Entrance Excellence Scholarship 
  • English for Academic Studies to Post-Secondary Studies Scholarship 
  • 2nd Program Scholarship 
  • Continuing Canadian Education Scholarship 

International students are also eligible for regional scholarships: 

  • Diploma entrance scholarship 
  • Graduate program entrance scholarship 
  • Degree entrance scholarship 

Each award has its own application criteria which should be understood before applying for an award or scholarship. The college is committed to ensuring that its awards and scholarships are fairly awarded and enhance the learning potential of students, regardless of their background or origin.

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